Heart of Darkness

Natural resources like oil, diamonds, gold, uranium and coal – all of this should be a gift of god to the poorest country on earth, but it seems to be nothing but a curse. The greed of multinational corporations and corrupt officials is responsible for militias and roving army and mercenary units plunging the country into an abyss of violence and destruction. The people don`t even get scraps of the riches. They suffer from unemployment, poverty and starvation.

Traffickers are cashing in on the situation and flood the country with illegal merchandise – mainly weapons that further fuel the conflicts. Human traffickers go about their barbaric business undisturbed, and the whole country is slowly descending into anarchy. Nobody cares about even the most basic rules of human coexistence anymore; the law of the jungle governs this heart of darkness.

The international community is especially alarmed by reports of trafficking of weapons-grade uranium, which has already ended up in the hands of terrorists. The port capital of the country is also said to be the trafficking capital, where large corporations and corrupt politicians run the show.

There is now way for outsiders to tell who is responsible for what in this chaotic mess. Is the army involved in kidnappings? Are traffickers in bed with corrupt politicians? Are global corporations financing terrorists as a way of dealing with the competition? Who can tell in this quagmire. Local politicians definitely don`t want any outside interference, and even humanitarian organizations are targeted by different groups.

The international community is not considering a military intervention at this point, because they can`t guarantee to get things under control this way. But a small reconnaissance unit is sent in to get a picture of the situation. They are also tasked with contacting a local liaison working as a chemist.

The arms trafficking of the warlords also has to be stopped for there to be any chance of calming things down. But the international community definitely needs more intel on the ground, which it doesn`t have at this point.