Sides of conflict

Missions/ tasks of the different sides

This is a description of the tasks of the different sides.


The civilians inhabit the village and the country. Every side of the conflict can approach the civilians for help with their tasks. But be wary – the civilians suffer from poverty, hunger and crime. Their own self-interest is their top priority. The civilians recruit a militia among themselves to provide security inside the village.

Special Forces

The Special Forces are black ops of the International Community that operate in the country without permission from or knowledge of the local government.

They are trained professionals and have the skills to stay invisible all the time. They spend the whole event in hostile territory and conduct hidden operations. Failure or discovery will have severe consequences for them, because the international community will deny any involvement with the Special Forces.

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Government Army

Brutal, corrupt, violent – this is the Government Army. They act on orders from the local government and are the official guarantors of security in the country. They are the force that local politician use to push through their interests against everybody who opposes them. Once the Government Army has gained control over an asset, they defend it viciously and without regard for collateral damage.


The Rebels are renegade army soldiers who want to get in on the action in this chaotic situation for their own benefit. They commit abductions and leave a trail of murder and looting wherever they go – enriching themselves is their top motivation. They also try to get control over the natural resources of the country.

Freedom Fighters

 This side is fighting for the freedom of the country and for the rights of the people. They hate the government and their corrupt army, and have already gained control over some oil rigs and mines to put pressure on the government and the economy. They are few in numbers and start to run low on weapon supplies. This makes their valiant but desperate fight for freedom increasingly difficult.

Corporate Security

The Corporate Security provides security – but only for their clients. These are the largest global Corporations who contracted them to secure the resources of the country. They don`t care for anything but the benefit of their corporate bosses. The empty promises of these corporations to the people of the country add to the downward spiral into corruption and poverty. Nobody could prove their involvement in arms trafficking until now. But their close cooperation with the corrupt government is an open secret.

Traffickers/ mercenaries

 In a country like ours the trafficking of resources, people and arms is rampant. This side is like a shadow in the night. They try to blend in everywhere and don`t stay in one place for long. They`re guns for hire, and can be bought by any side if the price is right. Their profession is a dangerous one though – many traffickers have paid with their lives for being in this business.